Iris van der Zee

Born 1993, The Netherlands. Graduated with a Bachelor in Arts (Photography) at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague in 2016.

My interest lays in the human representation in sculpture and more specifically its changing perception through time, sociopolitical events and modern day popculture. My practice is characterized by a constant interaction between photography and sculpture. Photography enables me to turn a sculpture into a portrait, which makes a huge difference in the perceptual experience of the viewer. Photographic techniques prove to have sculptural qualities as well. By photographing the sculpture, I control the angle of view, crop, lighting, point of focus as well as the endless possibilities of digital manipulation. Rather than just capturing the sculpture, the medium of photography plays a role in creating the sculpture itself. Applying the rules of portrait photography to sculpture photography, gives me access to experiment with the borders of what we perceive as a human figure in the visual arts.

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